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3 Steps to Upsell and Increase Franchise Sales

Posted by Susan Gunelius on May 3, 2016

Are you leveraging opportunities to increase per-customer sales by upselling additional products or services? To upsell and increase franchise sales, all you have to do is offer related products or services when a customer is actively making a purchase.

If you’ve ever shopped for battery-operated toys or electronics during the holiday season, then you’ve probably experienced an upsell. How many times has a sales associate asked you if you wanted to buy batteries along with your toy or electronic device? That’s an upsell.

If you’ve ever purchased something on Amazon, you’ve been presented with upsell opportunities. Have you noticed the “related products” that are offered to you and conveniently priced together? “Buy all three items for $X!” There isn’t a discount if you buy all three items, so it’s not a special promotion. It’s an upsell.

Upselling works when the products or services offered are relevant to a customer’s current purchase. They’re already committed to buying something, so there’s no better time to offer another item that goes perfectly with that purchase. However, if upsell products and services don’t make sense in consumers’ minds, they’ll react negatively.

In other words, irrelevant upsells could damage the customer’s perception of your franchise brand. In fact, they could be so confused by the upsell that they turn away from your brand in search of another that meets their expectations. Confusion is the number one brand killer, so don’t confuse your customers with upsells that don’t easily connect in their minds.

3 Steps to Successful Upselling

To upsell effectively, you need to develop a plan and train all of your employees on it. Think about products or services that consumers purchase from your franchise frequently. What other products or services naturally complement them? Those are your upsells!

Follow these three steps to develop your upselling campaigns.

1. Identify the Upsell and Define the Upsell Process

First, identify how the upsell will be presented to the customer. Will there be a sign by the cash register? Will employees be required to mention it to any customer that purchases specific products or services? Define the process before you do anything else.

2. Train Your Employees and Hold Them Accountable

Second, make sure every employee knows his or her role in the upsell process and be sure to give them time to practice. Every employee needs to be prepared to offer the upsell at the right time. Also, you need to hold employees accountable for offering the upsell. An upsell is useless if no one offers it to customers. Put a process in place to monitor employees and confirm that they’re offering the upsell correctly.

3. Describe the Upsell Benefits

Third, make sure your employees know how to explain what the upsell includes and what the benefits are to the customer. You can’t assume that customers will instantly understand why it’s so great to purchase the upsell item at the same time they’re making their current purchases. Try to make an emotional connection with the customer as you explain the benefits of the upsell.

Upselling only works if you have a strategy in place, a plan to execute that strategy, and employee buy-in. Be consistent and persistent in offering your upsells, and your franchise sales will rise.

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