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3 ways for effective word of mouth marketing

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 23, 2015

Recommendations are the big part of any business’s success. Whether you’re a franchise, sole trader or a corporation, reputation and referrals are everything.


Word of mouth marketing remains an incredibly effective tool for promoting businesses, but the technique is a tricky one to master. Cutting through the noise and creating a real human experience takes time, experience and effort, but getting it right can create huge results.


If you’re looking to effectively capitalize on word of mouth marketing, consider these three tips before setting off.


What’s your narrative?


A compelling story needs to be at the core of every business. Generating a link between human emotion and the difference a business can make, word of mouth marketing is at its most successful when creating a compelling event, product or service that creates attention and generates action.


Why are you good?


Testimonials are a powerful player in the world of word of mouth marketing. Think about a product or service you’ve received. If it impressed you or changed your life for the better, you’re highly likely to mention this to your friends and family. Focusing on great customer service is an effective way of increasing the impact of positive word of mouth recommendations and testimonials that can be used to promote your business to both current and new networks.


Who are your influencers?


Influencers carry huge prestige and persuasion, and with social media driving a whole new world of online influencers, you need to consider who can help generate buzz and attention. Reaching out to bloggers and social media users who have been positive about your product or service is a great place to start. Research who they interact with online, other brands they’ve worked with and the level of engagement they have with their followers. Look at their market and their interests as a route for targeting new customers, using this data to shape your next campaign.


How has word of mouth marketing impacted your business? Share your thoughts with us below.