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5 Things I’ve Learned From Businesswomen I’ve Interviewed

Posted by Laura Dunn on Aug 27, 2014

In my role as a blogger I’ve been really fortunate to interview a range of inspiring women. Many of them have held senior corporate positions, whilst like me; others are starting out on their entrepreneurial journey. I’ve interviewed a number of businesswomen for The Huffington Post, and also for my blog Political Style.

Regardless of the stage and field of their career, each of these women have shared some great advice.

  1. Perseverance - Don’t give up. If we didn’t face setbacks, the journey would be extremely dull! Keep on trying, and plan on how you will reach your goal. 

  2. Do your research - One of the women I interviewed was Dayle Haddon. She stressed to me the importance of doing your research, and as the CEO of Women One, Haddon often attends classes on topics that complement her charity’s mission. 

  3. No means maybe - If an individual says no straight away, don’t automatically think that it is all over! No means maybe, or likely that they haven’t made their decision. Find out why they said no, and what you can do to change their mind.

  4. Don’t take things personally - In business, things will often happen that you don’t like or agree with. Learn from the outset not to take things personally, and move on.

  5. Positivity - Perhaps one of the most important things I have learned is to stay positive. It is easy to become downbeat or negative when things don’t move as quick as you’d like, or if they don’t happen at all. Focus on the good things and stay positive as you continue on your journey.

Have you received inspiring advice from successful business owners?


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