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5 Tips to be a Magnetic Brand Champion for Your Franchise

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Dec 3, 2014

As a franchise owner, you’re the face of your franchise, and if you’re not, you should be. No other person will believe in your business more than you will, and your passion for your business can easily translate into powerful franchise marketing results.

For many franchise owners, being the face of their franchises is just one more hat they have to wear on a daily basis, but for others, taking on a publicity role is foreign territory. It’s the hat stuffed into the back of the closet that they really don’t want to wear.


If you’re a franchise owner who prefers to stay behind the scenes, use the tips below and transform yourself into a magnetic brand champion for your franchise. The transition won’t happen overnight, but if you invest the time and energy into developing yourself as a well-rounded business leader, you’ll see your sales start to rise.

1. Know Your Business
Have you ever seen a CEO or a politician get in front of a crowd or participate in an interview where he or she can’t answer questions related to the business or subject-matter? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon, but if you don’t know your business better than anyone else, you risk losing consumers’ trust in your brand. Once consumers lose trust in your brand, it’s extremely difficult to get it back and your sales will suffer.

2. Live Your Brand Promise
If you don’t believe your brand promise, why should anyone else. This includes employees, consumers, and more! As the face of your franchise, you’re not just the brand champion and guardian, you’re also the living embodiment of the brand. That means you need to be consistent with the brand promise in everything you do and educate your employees to do the same. After all, they are your most powerful source of brand advocacy.

3. Know Consumers’ Pain Points
Why would consumers consider purchasing a product or service from your franchise? What are the physical and emotional pain points that your products or services can alleviate for them? What solutions does your franchise provide to their problems?

If you don’t fully understand what motivates consumers, your brand and your franchise won’t connect with them on an emotional level. They won’t buy from you and they won’t tell other people about you. By demonstrating that you understand their needs and enabling them to develop an emotional connection with your brand, you’ll build trust that leads to sustainable business growth.

4. Know Your Customers
Who are your customers? Have you segmented them based on their needs and wants yet? Do you know if customers in a certain demographic group, such as age or gender, want different things from your franchise than others?

As the face of the franchise, you need to take the time to talk to your existing customers and get to know them so you can strengthen their emotional connectionsto your brand, build deeper relationships between them and your brand, and foster word-of-mouth marketing about your brand. Happy customers who believe that your franchise understands them are far more likely to buy from you and tell others to do the same than unhappy customers who think your franchise doesn’t care about them.

5. Have a Thick Skin
As the face of your franchise, it won’t always be easy. People will say negative things, and on social media, they’ll say things that will shock you. Work on developing a thick skin. Most importantly, don’t give up when the going gets tough. Valid complaints and negative comments should be addressed, but don’t feed the trolls who are simply trying to elicit negative reactions from you. Stay consistent with your brand promise and brand persona in every interaction and eventually, you’ll become not only a magnetic brand champion for your franchise but also a Teflon brand champion.

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