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5 Traits of Successful Franchise Leaders

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Aug 24, 2015


The best franchise leaders share some common traits. No matter how big or small your team is, as a franchise owner, you must acquire these traits if you want to be a successful leader. After all, if great leadership is lacking in your franchise, then your employees will be limited in their own successes and achievements. The result is reduced sales and revenues.


With that in mind, here is an overview of five of the most essential traits that successful franchise leaders share, so you can start working to integrate them into your own leadership development:


1. Successful Franchise Leaders Believe in the Brand

A powerful brand is built from within. If you don’t believe in your franchise’s brand promise, then there is little reason for your employees, customers, and the public to believe it. As the franchise owner, you need to live and breathe the brand promise in everything you do. Walk the walk and talk the talk by championing the brand, guarding the brand, and educating your team so they do the same.


If you believe and live the brand promise, your employees will be far more likely to believe it, too. As a result, they’ll also be more likely to want to share your brand message with current and prospective customers. Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates. Give them a reason to want to talk about your brand!


2. Successful Franchise Leaders Have Vision

As a franchise leader, you need to be a visionary thinker. By looking into the future and finding innovative solutions and opportunities, you’ll inspire your employees. When everyone is motivated to turn your inspiring vision into a reality, they’ll naturally drive your brand and business to the next level of success.


If you don’t have a vision for the future of your brand and franchise, both will stall. As a result, your franchise sales and revenues will suffer.


3. Successful Franchise Leaders and Have Practical and Theoretical Knowledge

To be a successful franchise leader, you need education and experience. For example, if you don’t understand the practical side of running your business on a daily basis, then you’re in big trouble. On the other hand, if you don’t understand the theoretical aspects of marketing and consumer behavior, you’re behind and will need to educate yourself to catch up.


Fortunately, as a franchise owner, you benefit from the education and training provided to you, but successful leaders never stop learning and trying to improve. Your knowledge instills trust among employees, so keep on learning and gaining as much experience as possible.


4. Successful Franchise Leaders Have Excellent Communication Skills

The best franchise leaders communicate openly and frequently with their employees, which makes team members feel valued and involved in the success of the business. Furthermore, successful franchise leaders aren’t afraid to delegate, allow employees to make suggestions, and empower employees to make decisions. They don’t place blame. Instead, they seek solutions.


Transparent discussions that move the entire team and company forward are the norm among successful franchise leaders, and as a result, business performance improves organically.


5. Successful Franchise Leaders Have Clear and Focused Goals

Successful franchise leaders are capable of bringing disparate people and ideas together to form laser-focused, achievable, and measurable goals. There is no ambiguity.


The best franchise leaders understand, from both a practical and theoretical perspective, what it takes to reach those goals. They don’t ask team members to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves. Instead, they pitch in and support their employees in positive ways to make sure those goals are met.


Which of these leadership skills do you already have? Which do you need to continue to develop? Now is the time to get started!