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5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand and Franchise Using Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Feb 16, 2015

Are you using your personal LinkedIn Profile to build your personal brand and your franchise? If not, you should be.


LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, but every professional is also a consumer. That means every professional on LinkedIn is a potential customer for your franchise!

LinkedIn is more than a social networking tool. You should be using it to build your personal brand, establish your online reputation, and build trust among a broader audience. Following are five ways that you can leverage your personal LinkedIn Profile to grow your franchise:

1. Keywords

People find professionals on LinkedIn through keyword searches, so make sure your profile is easy to find. Use keywords that people would use to find someone like you (and a business like yours) in your job title and profile description.

2. Recommendations

Ask people in your LinkedIn network to write recommendations for you using the LinkedIn Profile Recommendations tool. Every recommendation is a symbol of your personal brand and franchise brand quality, and every recommendation helps to build trust among the audience. When consumers trust your brand, they’re far more likely to buy from you.

3. Local Connections

Use the search tool within LinkedIn to find people in your local area who would be interested in you and your franchise. Send connection requests to build your local network. If you don’t know someone, you can send a LinkedIn InMail to introduce yourself.

4. Join Groups

Search for LinkedIn Groups that include members who are likely to be interested in what you do and in your franchise. When you join a group, you can send connection requests to other members, so you can build your personal network without having to send InMail messages. Also, you can share content and join conversations that get you on people’s radar screens, build trust, and could lead to new business.

5. Publish Content

Click on the pencil icon in the update text box within your LinkedIn Profile, and you can publish long-form content. Don’t self-promote in these longer articles. Instead, use them as an indirect form of marketing.

Remember, your LinkedIn activities lead to more exposure for you and your franchise, so stay active!

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