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Apps that a businesswoman should use

Posted by Laura Dunn on Sep 10, 2014

I’m pretty much addicted to my smartphone and my iPad- they’re the first things I look at in the morning, and the last things I check before I go to sleep.

Whilst the traditional email, texts and calls are essential to running my small business, there are several apps I use to help with productivity and keeping track of all I need to remember.

Evernote-This is one of the best note-taking apps and I use it whenever I have a thought that I need to record. You can access the notes you have taken on any device that has the app on it, making it super easy for me to pick up where I left off.

Paper- I’m not the world’s best artist, but when I want to sketch out a new logo design or visually work out where something will be placed on a page, I use Paper. You can purchase extra add-ons for a low price and I’d recommend using a stylus with the app.

Invoice2Go- This has been really useful when putting together my invoices and keeping track of payments. The app stores everything so you have all your documents in one place ready for when you need to file taxes.

Skype- Without Skype I wouldn’t be able to communicate with clients on both sides of the Atlantic! Skype makes teleconferencing a pleasure, and I use this when I am travelling to keep in touch with family and friends.

Dropbox-This is perhaps the app that I use most often. My paperwork, contracts, images and persona information are stored on Dropbox and being able to access my files from the cloud makes everything so simple. I would be lost without it!

Do you use any of these apps in your business? Are there any others that you would add to the list?

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