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Ali Dougherty

Ali is a Marketing Manager at Sylvan Learning, specializing in Franchise Development.

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New Franchisees Attend Sylvan 101

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 26, 2014

One of the pillars of Sylvan's strong franchisee foundation is supporting each franchisee’s growth and development.

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Is Franchising For You?

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 25, 2014

The idea of working for yourself is intriguing. The thought of opening up your own shop or restaurant is exciting. The process of becoming a franchisee is doable. So is franchising right for you?

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Starting Your Own Business: The Franchise Advantage

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 20, 2014

You want to own your own business, but are concerned about starting from scratch. Franchising offers many benefits that make operating a business not only easier, but also increases your chance for success.

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A Bright Year Ahead for Franchising

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 17, 2014

While the U.S. economy continues growing at a slow and steady pace, 2014 projections for franchises remain positive. In fact, the second quarter update from the International Franchise Association (IFA) Educational Foundation show stronger employment and output forecasts than the first quarter’s estimates provided.

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The Sylvan 'Weigh'

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 10, 2014

Sylvan Learning is always looking for ways to assist its corporate employees with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is offering yoga classes during lunch, discounted memberships to a variety of fitness centers or providing healthier options in the vending machines, Sylvan is invested in its employees' health.

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Things are Heating Up with Summer Learning at Sylvan

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 9, 2014

Many people think that because we are in the education franchise business, our corporate employees get to take a break for the three months of summer to relax, lay by the pool and catch up on some light reading. Well, while we do encourage our employees to take vacations to enjoy time with family and friends, summer is busier than ever for our team. 

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Sylvan Franchisee in Louisville Plans to Expand Center Locations

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 6, 2014

One of our Sylvan franchisees looks to expand her business throughout the Louisville, KY area. Most of our franchisees follow a similar expansion strategy (here's a list of available Sylvan territories). Check out this great feature that was published in the Louisville Business First.

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Introducing the Sylvan Learning Franchise Blog

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jun 5, 2014

Welcome to the newest addition to Sylvan Learning's online platforms - our franchise blog!

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