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Becky Taylor

Becky Taylor purchased her first Sylvan franchise in 1987 and currently owns 5 centers in eastern NC. Becky holds a Masters Degree in Special Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities. Her teaching experience includes ten years in the public schools where she taught exceptional students in in grades K - 12. Although she loves working with students of all ages, she especially enjoys working with middle school students. Becky also had the pleasure of teaching in the College of Education at East Carolina University for a few years before her career with Sylvan. Becky has a passion for Sylvan and has worked with thousands of Sylvan families during the past 23 years.

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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Becky Taylor

Posted by Becky Taylor on Jul 15, 2014


Becky Taylor left her 10-year teaching career in the public school system to open numerous Sylvan centers throughout North Carolina.

About Me
I grew up in Jacksonville, NC and was one of six children. I was the first in my family to receive a college degree. I graduated from East Carolina University with both a Bachelor's and Master's in Special Education. Since my grandmother and aunt were both teachers, I knew by the age of 14 that I wanted to study Special Education and couldn't wait to have my own classroom. 

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