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Susan Gunelius is President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., a marketing communications company offering copywriting, business communications, content, and other marketing communications and writing services as well as marketing, social media and branding coaching and strategic consulting services. She has over 20 years of experience working in the marketing field for some of the largest corporations in the world (including divisions of AT&T, HSBC, Household International, and more). Today, her clients include global brands like Citibank, Cox Communications, The New York Times, Intuit, as well as large and small businesses around the world in a wide variety of industries. Susan is a published author with 10 marketing-related books available in book stores and online, including "30-Minute Social Media Marketing," "Content Marketing for Dummies," "Harry Potter: The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon," "Building Brand Value the Playboy Way," "Kick-Ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps," "Blogging All-in-One for Dummies” (First and Second Editions), "Google Blogger for Dummies," "The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPress," and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinkedIn." Susan frequently writes about marketing and branding for various publications, including and Her articles have appeared on numerous sites, such as,, and many more. She has been interviewed by national and global print, radio, and television media organizations about marketing, branding and social media, including appearances on CNBC, MSNBC, and more. Susan speaks about marketing topics at events to audiences of all sizes. She is also the founder of an award-winning blog, Susan is a member of the DeVry University Industry Advisory Board and the Network Solutions Social Media Advisory Board. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and an MBA in Management and Strategy.

Recent Posts

Tips to Build Your Franchise through Customer Service

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Nov 17, 2015

Amazing customer service builds customer loyalty and boosts word-of-mouth marketing. How many times have you heard this? I’m guessing more than once. But are you actually delivering amazing customer service?

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5 Benefits of Marketing Your Franchise through Local Sponsorships

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Nov 4, 2015

If your franchise relies heavily on local consumers, then sponsoring a local event can be a great way to spread the word about your business. Every town has community activities, youth sports teams, drama groups, and more that look for sponsors each year, and the investment to sponsor a local event is typically not very high.

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5 Traits of Successful Franchise Leaders

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Aug 24, 2015


The best franchise leaders share some common traits. No matter how big or small your team is, as a franchise owner, you must acquire these traits if you want to be a successful leader. After all, if great leadership is lacking in your franchise, then your employees will be limited in their own successes and achievements. The result is reduced sales and revenues.

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5 Ways Internal Brand Building Boosts Franchise Success

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jul 13, 2015

Do your employees know what your brand promises to consumers? Do they believe that promise? If they don’t believe it, then why should your customers?

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Essential Franchise Event Planning Timeline

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jun 19, 2015

One of the best ways to grow your franchise is by getting out into your community. Attending local events that offer opportunities for businesses to get in front of potential customers should be a priority for every franchise owner.

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5 Secrets to Owning Your Franchise’s Success

Posted by Susan Gunelius on May 18, 2015

Your franchise’s success isn’t guaranteed. As the franchise owner, it’s up to you to ensure your franchise has a chance to succeed by being the best leader you can be. You need to possess not just the knowledge but also the skills of an effective leader to drive franchise success.

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How to Give Your Franchise Presentations the Wow Factor

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Mar 18, 2015

Are your franchise presentations boring your audiences? You can follow tips to be a better public speaker, but a presentation that looks dull or confusing could negate all of your other efforts to capture your audience’s attention. Instead, they’ll remember you for the wrong reasons.

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5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand and Franchise Using Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Feb 16, 2015

Are you using your personal LinkedIn Profile to build your personal brand and your franchise? If not, you should be.

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5 Tricks to be a Better Public Speaker to Represent Your Franchise

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jan 22, 2015

As a franchise owner, you have to present your business and products to people all the time. Whether you’re delivering presentations to clients and business partners or you’re speaking at an industry or community event, if your public speaking skills are poor, your audience won’t remember you or your franchise for the right reasons.

Your goal in every presentation is to motivate people. Yes, your content should be motivating, but you have to be motivating, too. When it comes to public speaking, delivery matters—a lot!

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5 Negotiating Tips to Boost Franchise Sales

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jan 14, 2015

As a franchise owner, you need to know how to close sales or you won’t be in business for long. The best marketing campaigns, the most competitive prices, and the most desirable products and services can bring people to your virtual or brick-and-mortar door, but it’s often up to you and your employees to close the sale.

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