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What are the benefits of email marketing for franchisees?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Apr 18, 2016

Despite the pull of social media, email marketing contains to be a successful way for franchisees to communicate with their customers.

With a corporate style to follow, franchisees can use email marketing to reach new customers and keep regular clients fully updated on all the latest news and developments.

If you’re a franchisee and considering using email marketing, here are the benefits that it could bring to your business.

Collection of data: email addresses can be easily collected at point of sale locations, through social media accounts and loyalty reward schemes. Curation doesn’t have to be a tricky task!

Low cost: with many free-to-access email marketing systems, managing and sending out your emails doesn’t have to be costly.

Easy to manage: free and adaptable templates can help you to produce professional looking email newsletters. Branding and content can be easily imported, ensuring that your communication meets brand requirements.

Measurable: modern day email marketing enables users to easily track who is reading their messages, the click through rates and how long they spend reading a specific piece of information. Use this data to push future business goals and growth.

Targeting: want to reach a specific customer or geographical location? Savvy email marketing can help you drill down to your target client.

Real time: if you need to quickly and directly react to a breaking piece of news or update customers, email marketing takes you straight to their inbox. Use the technique to provide promotional information, changes to opening hours or any essential news that customers need to know.

Personalization: tailoring your email to the customer encourages brand loyalty, excitement, and is more likely to keep your customer interested in your franchise. Customers want to do business with a person and not a store front!


Do you use email marketing in your franchise?  Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments!