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Brain Dump: How to Clear Your Mind

Posted by Laura Dunn on Dec 18, 2014

brain_dumpIs your mind full of what you need to do today, or what needs to be achieved by the end of the week? Perhaps you’re working towards longer-term goals, mentally checking off your accomplishments in your mind?

It’s hard to clear your mind of these important tasks, but a ‘brain dump’ is essential for the health of your mind! Here are some of my tips for cleaning out your mind.

Don’t fret over the small things: I often find myself getting agitated over silly things that have happened. Train yourself not to do this- it wastes valuable energy and more often than not, gives you a headache!

Write lists: Writing down what I need to do or little reminders help free up valuable space in my mind. There’s nothing better than crossing off something when it’s been accomplished!

Regular breaks: It’s so important to take regular breaks- whether that is a walk outside, a change of scenery or 15 minutes away from the computer screen. This really helps to clear and re-focus my mind.

Exercise: A quick walk, a run or a session at the gym always resets my mind.

A go-to distraction: Maybe it’s your guilty pleasure, or a treat after a hard day of work. My go-to distraction is the latest episode of Revenge or a few chapters of the latest book I’m reading.

What techniques do you use to clear your mind? Let us know in the comments!

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