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Business tasks for fall

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 2, 2015

Fall is finally here, and with the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to get those essential business tasks ticked off your to-do list. With the holidays just around the corner, setting aside time to think and even complete the jobs on your list can be a challenge.


Use the coming months to advantage and take the steps that will get your franchise or small business off to the right start come 2016.


Checks and balances: prevent the large pile of receipts from turning into a paper mountain, and get them into some sort of order! Update your accounts and check book, avoiding a financial panic further down the road.


Think social: haven’t updated your social media accounts in a while? Now is the time to act. Refresh your details, upload any new photographs and share any achievements that your followers need to know about. Re-engage with your network and reach out to potential customers and clients.


Tis the season: prioritize your holiday tasks if you haven’t already done so! Create and follow a weekly plan detailing what needs to be completed, finalize your seasonal events and research holiday post ideas for social media.


Reconnect: if your networking has been pretty loose over the summer months, re-engage with your professional network throughout the fall. Find a business group in your area, speak to other small business owners and commit to attend events that can widen your network and provide new business leads.


Goal setting: get ahead with your target achievements for 2016. Review your achievements and challenges from the past months, documenting what worked and what you want to improve. Putting in the groundwork now will let you hit the ground running come January.


What are your business tasks this fall? Share your thoughts in the comments.