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Content Marketing for Franchises

Posted by Laura Dunn on Aug 1, 2016

Content marketing is an essential part of sharing the story and journey of your franchise. Whilst the overall franchise will have its own content marketing plan and unique story, it is important that you craft your own from day one.

Your brand’s story should connect with customers new and old, with its key features at the heart of everything you produce. With customers hungry for content you are missing out if you aren’t engaging with this key marketing technique.

With content so important, which techniques should you be considering?


Blog: A blog is a great way of communicating directly with your customers. Used as a vehicle to share announcements, special offers and your progress, a blog can help build credibility, share good practice and help to position you as a thought leader in your market.

Downloads: Consider creating downloadable content as an incentive for customers. Whether you produce an education e-book or a tips and tricks guide, produce content that provides value added information and entertainment for your customers.

Video and podcasts: Interactive media is proven to have higher levels of engagement, particularly when shared on social media. Develop short, informative videos about your franchise and its services to share on your social media platforms, and consider creating a short podcast series to provide audio updates about your progress and latest news.

Visual infographics: Don’t forget about visual content! Infographics are a great way of displaying data in an easy to digest format. Use infographics to show how many customers have come through your doors, the most popular services and your plan for future growth. Get creative!

Content calendar: Keep all your content ideas and posts organized in a calendar format. Develop a spreadsheet to share when you’ll posting, what times of day and which type of content will be posted. Use this tool to develop content which will generate more leads, retain customers and build your brand and industry reputation.


Which types of content have you created for your franchise? Share your thoughts with us below.

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