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How a Blog can Promote your Business

Posted by Laura Dunn on Mar 27, 2015

bloggingBlogging is one of my absolute passions. I have a personal blog dedicated to my thoughts about fashion, politics and culture, and regularly interview women in business for The Huffington Post. As part of my business, I provide content creation and copywriting services for clients who want engaging content to promote their products and services.

I’m seeing an increased demand in clients who want a blog for their business. Having a blog is all well and good, but how can it transform your business?

Be an expert: having a blog is a great way to position you or your business as an expert leader. Use posts to offer advice, tips and guidance, and demonstrate your claims with evidence of your own work and testimonials.

Great way to break news: expanding your workforce or scored a new contract? Break the great news on your blog and share on social media.

Part of a promotional package: don’t just think of a blog as a singular method to promoting your business. Ensure you have a strategy that includes the different ways you will be promoting your business – everything should be joined up.

Engaging employees: a blog can be a great way to engage your employees, boosting productivity and encouraging a proactive team-working atmosphere. Devise a posting schedule for your employees and try a weekly post where your employees share what they’ve been working on.

Spotlight your customers: if you have a great testimonial or a customer that is willing to be featured then your blog is the best place to do it! A video blog is a fun way of doing this!

Do you use a blog to promote your business or franchise? Share the link in the comments!

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