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How Can a Testimonial Help Your Franchise?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Aug 30, 2016

Testimonials are an important part of the business process. Happy customers will return to your business but they will also bring new customers along with them.

Your website, social media and physical business premises should proudly display your testimonials and it is important to actively ask for them from your customers.

Once you’ve got that testimonial, how can it be used to help your franchise?


Your business journey: Use a testimonial to tell your business story. Position it as a case study to create an engaging story of how you have helped customers and how they have benefitted. This is particularly important in Sylvan’s case, with the impact of education having wide reaching consequences.

Attracts experts: A testimonial can be used to attract experts and industry influencers to your franchise, particularly when used as part of a detailed communications plan. Build these into your strategy and don’t be afraid to reach out to those with the greatest influence.

Edge out your competition: Engaging testimonials can help you edge out your competition, attracting their customers to find out why you can provide a better service.

Review process: A testimonial can be useful when reviewing the progress of your franchise. Use the information collected from your customers to review what is working and what isn’t, implementing changes and improvements as necessary.

Launches: Testimonials are great to include as part of the launch of a new service or providing customers with updates on your business. Make them as engaging as possible!

Content marketing strategy: Testimonials are an important part of your franchise’s content marketing strategy, and can be used to provide updates that existing and new customers would want to hear.


How have testimonials helped your franchise? Share your comments with us below!

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