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How Can We Increase Women In Leadership Positions?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Feb 19, 2015

Laura_DunnI’ve been lucky to interview a great range of female business owners, franchisees and entrepreneurs over the past few years. These women are at the top of their respective games, with a positive outlook as to how they can help others achieve their business goals.

One question that keeps popping up is: how can we increase women in leadership positions?

Push for Mentoring: I think this is one technique that we should all subscribe to. Whether you are looking for mentoring yourself, or looking to mentor emerging businesswomen, let’s all get involved in this important process.

Banish the Stereotypes: Time after time we hear that women who are in leadership positions are referred to using the ‘b word’ -- bossy. We need to banish this negative language along with the stereotypes that associated with being a woman in business.

Surround Yourself with Advocates: I’m a big fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In concept, and I set up a Lean In Circle in my city to learn with and learn from other women. Surround yourself with individuals who will be your cheerleader, and collectively work together by advocating their strengths to others in your networks.

Look for Development Opportunities: It’s important to continuously look at how you can improve your qualifications and your experience. Check out particular courses in your area that can further your knowledge and give you practical experience in your field of work.

How do you think we can increase women in leadership positions? Let me know in the comments!

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