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How can you learn from mistakes?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Feb 2, 2016

We all make mistakes, and learning from them is a crucial part of the business journey.


Whether it’s a small oversight or something a little more serious, errors can help shape who we are and how we tackle a situation. The world’s most successful businessmen and women didn’t get to where they are today without making mistakes, and you won’t either.


Here’s how you can learn from mistakes, making your error into a success.


Make a list: sit down with a pad and paper and write out what went wrong. Be detailed in your note making and honest with what you’re writing down. By doing so, you’ll be able to see a clear pattern with evidence of what went wrong and why.  


Lessons: you’ve been in honest in your mistakes, but where do you go from here? Think about the practical lessons you’ll take away from your errors. Perhaps you jumped into a deal too quickly, or didn’t undertake enough research about a potential hire. Know what you’ll take away from your mistakes and how you can avoid them next time around.


Practical steps: your mistakes might require practical steps to put them right. Whether this is additional training, a new plan or help from experts, embrace the change that will have to be made.


Be open: don’t be afraid to be honest about your miscalculations. Share your experiences with others, perhaps even considering penning a thought leadership article with practical advice for others to take away. Sharing is caring!


How have you learnt from your mistakes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.