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How Can You Motivate Your Franchise’s Employees?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Jul 6, 2016

Motivating your employees is key to the success of your franchise. Happy employees equal a happy business, with customers satisfied and profits reached.

When a franchise first opens, employees are likely at their most motivated. The excitement of a new business and its challenges keep minds focused and morale high. How can franchise owners maintain these levels of positivity as the business grows?


Reward achievement: When an employee meets a target, reward them for their achievement. Whether it be in the form of a prize or company recognition, addressing their success plays a vital role in motivating the workforce.

Respect opinions: Encourage employees to express their opinions and respect the feedback they provide. Hold regular forums for employees to share their opinions, whether it is in the form of an open meeting or written feedback forms.

Take suggestions: Similarly, take an active approach in gathering suggestions of improvement from employees. Working on the front lines, employees know what works and what doesn’t, and their feedback is important in helping you improve the franchise and its methods of operation.

Set goals: Keep employees focused by breaking down bigger tasks into achievable goals. Hold regular check-in sessions with your employees, and monitor performance using software that enables the easy recording of tasks and their completion.

Team get-togethers: Host regular all staff get-togethers in a fun, social setting. Whether it is a game of bowling or a round of drinks at the local bar, show your employees how much you value their commitment and role they play in the smooth operation of your franchise.

Embrace technology: Technology can play an important role in motivating employees and boosting morale. Test out apps like Slack that keep all team members in the loop and enable easy and secure communication between users.


How do you motivate your franchise’s employees? Share your thoughts with us.

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