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How can your business benefit from a content calendar?

Posted by Laura Dunn on Apr 20, 2016

Content is key to the success of every type of business. With audiences hungry for updates on a daily basis, content is here to stay.

Custom content is proving the number one choice for businesses across all sectors, with video- and visual-based content capturing the attention of customers and driving brand loyalty.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog or branching out into video, your business will need a content calendar. Helping you to manage the creation, posting and engagement of your content, here are the additional benefits that a content calendar can bring.


Manage expectations: audiences like to know when and where new content will be posted. Deciding upon a posting schedule for your website and social media will manage the expectations of audiences, and encourage them to regularly check back for updates.

Value added: regular content can add value to your brand and provide customers with additional information about their favorite products and services. Create content that is exciting, informative and keeps them hungry for more.

Strategic presence: regular posting of content can help to push business growth and align your everyday work with your long tem business goals. Keep your updates and content calendar on target with what you want to achieve.

Collaborative opportunities: a content calendar can open up possibilities with other individuals in your industry. Whether it be social influencers, experts or local stakeholders, use your content calendar as a tool for exploring collaborative opportunities.

Teamwork: a content calendar can unite your employees, encouraging your team to work together on the direction of content and in the brainstorming of future ideas.


How will you implement a content calendar in your franchise’s marketing plan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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