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How I kick off a productive day

Posted by Laura Dunn on Feb 16, 2016

When do you find you’re at your most productive? For me, and many entrepreneurs the mornings are our time to thrive. I pull open the blinds, look out the window and embrace the fresh start that a new day brings.


I find if I stick to my plan, my day will be a productive one. If I miss one or more points in my routine, then I don’t feel like I will have achieved! I’ve found that I work better with a routine and a plan, knowing what’s coming next and what I need to complete.


If you’re looking to press reset on your morning routine, here are my top tips for starting your day in a productive way!


Early wake-up time: my wake-up time is between 7am-8am. This allows me to feel refreshed, and get ready in plenty of time for any conference calls that are scheduled for 9am. Sleep-ins? I treat myself on the weekend!


Hydrate: the first thing I grab is my water bottle. Drinking water in the morning helps you to feel alert, rehydrated and provides a boost to your metabolism. There’s nothing healthier!


Breakfast: research has shown that having breakfast improves brain power and the ability to focus throughout the day. Don’t skip what is the most important meal of the day- eat something healthy and seize the day ahead!


To-do list: I start my working day by visiting my to-do list. I prioritize my tasks, making sure that any urgent and deadline heavy pieces are tackled first. This helps up to free up my time, avoiding procrastination and scheduling time to look at new tasks and research.


Email detox: next up is my inbox. I sift through the junk, immediately deleting any emails that I don’t need. I then flag and star other emails which need my attention, prioritizing those which need a response or information in a timely manner.


Outside tasks: if I need to run errands I’ll do these first thing in the morning when it’s a little quieter. For meetings, I try to schedule these late morning or lunchtime. Later in the day is dedicated to admin, scheduling and any projects that are outstanding.


What are your secrets to a productive day? Let us know in the comments.