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How to convert social media followers into customers

Posted by Laura Dunn on Feb 22, 2016

We’re all influenced by the content we see on social media. Whether searching for something specific or scrolling through our timeline, content is vital to both the online and offline success of all businesses.


Content can help to cement awareness of your brand, positioning you and your business as an expert and trusted thought leader in your field. Grabbing the attention of social media users is one thing, but converting these followers into customers is another.


If you’re looking to transform your traffic into customers, these tips can help.


Call to action: ensure every piece of content that you produce provides direction for the reader. Think about what you’d like them to do once they’ve finished reading- perhaps it’s sharing your content with their followers or redirecting them to your online store. Whatever your goal, make it clear!


Use imagery and video: it’s a well-known fact that social media updates that include imagery or videos perform better than their textual counterparts. Use interactive and exciting content to entice your followers into wanting to find out more using a consistent ‘value added’ approach.


Grabbing headline: headlines are often the first thing that we see when scrolling through our social media feed. Approach the creation of your headline using techniques that will deliver value and curiosity for your audience. Numerical updates (e.g. 10 tips for successful social media) work well as do questions, reveals and giveaway statuses.


Social media influencers: integral to every online strategy, working with social media influencers is an important way to turn those followers into customers. Team up with influencers that are trusted by your target audience, encouraging them to share your content, updates and other exclusive information.


How are you turning your social media followers into customers? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!