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How to Give Your Franchise Presentations the Wow Factor

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Mar 18, 2015

Are your franchise presentations boring your audiences? You can follow tips to be a better public speaker, but a presentation that looks dull or confusing could negate all of your other efforts to capture your audience’s attention. Instead, they’ll remember you for the wrong reasons.

To get the results you need from your presentations and motivate people to take the actions you want when presentation is over, follow the tips below to create a presentation that will consistently wow your audiences.

1. Be Very Visual

A PowerPoint slide that is covered in text is less effective in presentation design than a slide that primarily contains images and charts. That’s because people are highly visual beings. They respond to visual cues quickly and strongly. Color plays an important role in creating visual interest, capturing your audience’s attention, and evoking psychological responses that can lead to physical responses.

For example, rather than delivering a presentation with slide after slide of numbers, show those numbers in colorful images and charts. The information will be far more compelling and memorable to your audience.

Effective use of visuals in your franchise presentations can directly impact your results, including lead generation and sales conversions.

2. Use Slides as a Catalyst for Brand Storytelling.

Don’t type the entire story on your slides. You don’t want to give everything away before you have a chance to talk about it!

Think of your slides as a taste test of the meal you’re going to serve through your speech. The slides should make your audience want more.

Just as a good author builds excitement and makes the reader want to turn the page, your slides should make your audience want to “turn the page.” However, in this case, the next “page” is you and your speech where you’ll provide all of the information the audience wants (or didn’t even know they wanted until you gave them a taste of your story on a PowerPoint slide).

3. Keep It Short.

The amount of content on each slide in your presentation should be as small as possible to communicate the necessary information and nothing else.

Clutter is your enemy when you’re designing presentations for your franchise, so make sure your slides have as much white space as possible. For example, use lists that break up text visuallyrather than using paragraphs that create long blocks of text, and remember, you don’t have to use full sentences.

4. Match Your Slides to Your Messages and Audience.

Make sure the look of your slides is consistent with the message you’re delivering and the audience you’re speaking to. For example, if you’re giving a presentation to parents who are considering purchasing your franchise’s services for their children, your slide messages and design would be different than what you’d deliver to your franchise CEO.

Confusion is the number one brand killer. If you don’t meet consumers’ and audiences’ expectations for your brand, they’ll become confused and turn away from it in search of a different brand that does meet their expectations in every interaction. Your presentations are a reflection of your brand promise and image, so make sure your slides deliver on that promise in a way that the specific audience you’re speaking to expects.

Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole by using the same slide design and content for disparate audiences. It won’t work and your results will suffer for it.

5. Stay Focused.

Whenever possible, try to communicate only one key message per slide. It’s better to have more slides than fewer slides.

Each slide should be laser focused on a key point which you can expound on in your speech. Furthermore, focused slides lead to increased audience engagement simply because the action of changing slides catches their attention again and again.

Before you create your next franchise presentation, review these tips to make sure it delivers the wow factor that audiences want, and your results will undoubtedly improve.

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