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How to Manage Business on Vacation

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 17, 2014

I’ve just returned from a short break in Paris, and while I hoped it would have been business-free, in reality it wasn’t! As wi-fi is an essential service that a majority of hotels provide, it is becoming harder to escape checking emails.

If you’re on vacation and you do need to do a little business, here are some of my top tips for not letting it overtake your entire holiday!

Limit yourself to a check a day: Even though it is tempting to use free wi-fi in coffee shops and public buildings, limit yourself to one or two checks a day. When on vacation I typically check my messages in the morning and in the evening, dealing with anything that is urgent or time sensitive.

Set a realistic out of office message: If you know or want others to see that you will be checking your emails, a top tip is to say you will have ‘limited access’ to your inbox. That way you’re not promising you will get back to them immediately. 

Schedule posts: Alleviate any social media stress by scheduling posts before time. I do this for my Twitter feed and Facebook business pages.

Schedule future meetings: If I receive an email for a meeting request, I’ll usually deal with these messages first so I have a better idea of what my schedule is going to look like when I return.

Flag everything important: An obvious point but one that I find important. This helps me to deal with any time-sensitive or priority tasks straightaway.

What are your tips for managing business on vacation? Do you still work or completely turn off your cellphone? Let us know in the comments!

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