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How to motivate your employees

Posted by Laura Dunn on Feb 25, 2016

Employees can make or break your business, and retention is one of the key challenges that employers face.


Motivated employees produce strong results, strengthening the position and productivity of your business, as well as creating a positive and dynamic environment to work in. 


A multiple strategy approach is key to successfully motivating your employees- here’s how you can go about it!


Individual approach: large businesses can often fall down on the individual approach and wellbeing of their employees. Make time to speak to individual employees, arranging informal catch-up meetings where any topics can be discussed. Individual attention can help to solve any potential problems or issues that might have arisen, helping to avoid bigger issues in the long-term.


Professional development: employers should be committed to the professional development of their employees. Offer staffers access to additional training or courses that can help develop their skills and expertise. Don’t be afraid to encourage employees to try new things, the positive effects of which can motivate the whole workplace.


Creative environment: your office workspace is another important factor for motivating your employees. Consider creating an open plan space that encourages productivity in a relaxed setting. Have a separate break out area for down time, with comfortable seating, entertainment and refreshments that will make employees feel appreciated.


Promote teamwork: take time to encourage and promote team building within your company, arranging team away days and training sessions onsite that will make your employees work together.


Be available: promote an open door policy that reassures employees that you are approachable. Transparency builds trust, and this approach can open new lines of communication and help to improve your performance as a team.


How do you motivate your employees? Share your thoughts with us!