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How to Promote Your Franchise

Posted by Laura Dunn on May 17, 2016

You’ve purchased your franchise but how do you let others know that you’re in business? Proper promotion is key to the future of any franchise, as is the identification of your target audience. How will you reach them and gain their attention?

It’s important to consider what promotion will do for your customer as well as for the development of your business. Treat your franchise as a community, both physically and through your marketing program, putting people at the heart of your story and operations.

With so many different ways to promote a franchise, which techniques can reap the biggest rewards?


Website: It’s unthinkable to have a business without an online presence. A website is a basic tool of promotion, and a destination where customers will visit to find out information such as opening times, pricing and contact information. Many franchisees will receive professional help with building a website under the terms of their agreement, and it’s worth spending a proper amount of time to develop a model which is right for you, your business and your customers.

Social Media: Similarly, social media platforms are another vital part of a franchise’s online presence. Don’t be tempted to join up to every social media channel - select the ones which your audiences use and share content which your customers would find interesting. Research what other similar franchises are publishing in your area, identifying any gaps in the market where you can promote and push your services.

Targeted mailing: Every business needs a mailing list, and collecting data at point of sale, through social media and on your website is an effective way to do this. Use a professional system like MailChimp that can help you safely manage, update and send out mailings to your customers. Be smart in your mailings using location based data and customer preferences to send out communication that your clients will really want to read.        

Testimonials: Use positive feedback from customers throughout every point of your marketing campaign. Create custom graphics for social media, have a testimonial section on your website and use the strongest quotes on any physical printed material.

Marketing advice: Many franchisees will have access to professional marketing advice with advisors on hand to assist with big-ticket projects. Access this service frequently and don’t be afraid to ask for detailed advice and help!


Which tools and techniques do you use to promote your franchise? Let us know in the comments.

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