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How to refresh your personal brand

Posted by Laura Dunn on Jan 4, 2016

Branding is the first thing a customer will notice about your business. It’s an important part of communicating what you company is about, and helps to form personal relationships between you and potential clients.


Whilst many of us are focused on how our businesses are presented, we often neglect to look at our personal brands.


The New Year offers an opportune moment to refresh your personal brand, and here’s how you should go about it.


Refresh your online profiles: undertake an audit of your online presence, checking for consistency on your profiles and deleting any old, inactive accounts. Use the appropriate photos on the right platforms and update any professional achievements or biographical details.


Online portfolio: consider creating a digital CV that can be easily sent to prospective employees or used as an extension of your LinkedIn profile. You can also use this technique to profile successful case studies, or provide an in-depth look at a particular aspect of your work.


Business cards: business cards aren’t obsolete just yet! Before you place your re-order, update with links to social media profiles and consider how you can refresh the content that appears on the little card. 


New photos: a selfie won’t work on LinkedIn, so invest in having professional headshots by a photographer. Fit the style into your overall personal brand, and use the new images across all your online platforms.


Network: make a commitment to attending more networking meetings, particularly in your area. Also try taking part in online networking, such as Twitter hours and groups on LinkedIn. This an easy and effective to expand your network and meet potential new clients or mentors.


How will you be refreshing your online brand? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.