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How to stand out as a small business on social media

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 11, 2015

Creating your unique voice is a daunting task. With a wealth of competition and an overwhelming desire to be ‘the first,’ standing out as a small business on social media takes time, effort and determination.


Social media is the ultimate self-promotional tool for small businesses, and the most effective way to engage with customers and followers on a huge scale.


Here’s how small businesses can use social media to their advantage and stand out from their competitors.


Authentic connection: social media provides the opportunity to create and maintain a real and authentic connection with followers and potential customers. Thank your followers, praise those who retweet your updates, follow those that you admire. Tweet those that tweet you, and remember that social media is supposed to be social – and fun!


Content + value: followers want to read and digest content that is valuable. Create a content strategy that enables you to provide quality content on a regular basis. Whether it’s text, an infographic or a podcast, create something that provides added value for your followers.


Answer questions: followers always have questions, so make sure you answer them! Have a sense of what followers will ask next, and provide updates that gives them what they need before they know it! Live Q&As are a great way to interact with your followers as well as raising the visibility of your business.


Be visual: images and videos are the most shared types of content across all social media platforms. From the outset, commit to posting and sharing a strong set of branded imagery that can be used across all networks and in future content. A strong visual identity can and will set you apart.


Be different: don’t be afraid to be different on social media! Try out new platforms and test out new ideas with your followers. Be unique, be yourself and have fun!


How do you use social media to help your small business stand out? Share your thoughts in the comments!