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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Posted by Laura Dunn on Jan 23, 2016

LinkedIn is the top professional social networking platform. With over 414 million users, LinkedIn is the destination to hire, sell and learn from industry professionals.


Chances are that you have a LinkedIn profile. But are you using it to the best of your advantage?


With tips and tricks to update your profile, here’s how to stand out on LinkedIn for the right reasons.


Personalization: make sure your headline and job title are personalized and up to date. Quite often LinkedIn will place your last updated position as the headline, even if it is a voluntary or qualification based role. Ensure your headline displays your current role, and tailor it to your specific field and location.


Photo: an image speaks a thousand words, so don’t upload one from a night out or one that’s outdated. Arrange for some personal headshots that can be used across all of your social media channels.


LinkedIn Pulse: presenting yourself as an influencer is a strong route to making your LinkedIn profile stand out. Whether you’re writing an article from scratch or repurposing a previously published article, use the website’s Pulse section to present yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field.


Groups: like other social media platforms, interaction is key. Become a member of groups are relevant to your business and your interests. Don’t be afraid to share interesting updates and speak to other users. This is a great way of expanding your network.


Be consistent: don’t forget to keep your profile regularly updated. Share updates of your work, links to interesting articles and any other pieces of information which could help expand your network. You’ll be sorry that you didn’t start sooner!


How do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd? Share your thoughts in the comments below.