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How to Successfully Network Through Email

Posted by Laura Dunn on Feb 9, 2015

email_networkingNetworking is a crucial part of owning your own business or franchise, and by now, you are probably aware that you can network in many different ways!

While networking in person is important, using email is also a great tool to network. Many connections I’ve made have been through email, leading to some great business opportunities.

So how can you successfully network over email?

Perfect your pitch: It’s important to have a great pitch ready before you hit send. Draft and perfect a three-four short paragraph email sharing important facts about you, why you’re contacting them and how you can be contacted.

Flattery goes far: Saying nice things does go a long way! If someone says something complementary about my work or a recent article I’ve published, I’m more likely to reply back to them.

Set the tone: Getting the balance right is another key point. Set a tone that isn’t too formal (No Sir/Madam thank you very much, etc.) but not too informal that the recipient may hit delete. A little humor also works well!

Email etiquette: I’ve had people send me a reminder an hour after they’ve sent their original email. Please, do not do this!! I usually wait a few days to follow up on a non-urgent email, and I’d advise following this tip when attempting to make a new connection.

Take an interest: Look at what links the connection has in their signature. Do they link to their social media profiles or that of their business? Make sure you check them out and follow them. Also type their name into a search engine and see when they were last mentioned in the press.

How do you use email to network? Let me know in the comments!

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