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How to successfully work from home

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 18, 2015

Working from home can be a luxury and a chore. Determination, drive and focus are all required to successfully run a business, but at times, the comfort and familiarity of our own home can meddle in our quest to be productive.


As someone who works both at home and in an office, I have to adapt my working style depending on which environment I’m working in. Whilst my home office is regularly blessing, at times it can seriously hamper my productivity!


So how do I conquer this problem? The tips below provide the answers!


Separate work from home: keep your computer and your work away from your home life. Create a dedicated space for working, keeping electronics away from the bedroom and the dinner table. A physical separation will help keep the two areas of your life distraction free.


Be strict with your time: without my schedule I would be toast. My iCal lets me know where I need to be and contains both daily and weekly deadlines. I schedule in meetings around my most productive working hours, and take a break when I know the creative juices may be a little dry!


Ditch the distractions: ever just hop onto Facebook for ten minutes and find yourself still there an hour later? We’ve all done it! Remove any online distractions by using apps like Get Cold Turkey which blocks access to social media for a set period of time. Banish the television from your home office, and work away from any noisy distractions that could interrupt your flow.


Don’t cut off the world: a change of scenery can improve your productivity and provide new inspiration. Mix it up and try heading to your local coffee shop or co-working space.  Meet up with other small business owners, ensuring that you get out of the office at least once a week.


Have fun: don’t forget to do what you love! Go for a run, meet up with friends and take some time for yourself. Working from home doesn’t mean that you need to be indoors all day!


Do you work from home? How do you remain focused and distraction free? Share your thoughts in the comments!