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How travel has impacted my business

Posted by Laura Dunn on Sep 16, 2015

 I love to travel and I’m really fortunate that I’m able to visit different places several times a year. I travel to the US frequently, and have also been to far-flung destinations including Australia and New Zealand.


Travel has had a huge impact on my personal development, and professionally it is helping me grow my business.


Whether a short trip or an international flight, here is how travel is impacting the way I work.


Global view: experiencing different cultures and traditions has expanded my view of the world. Sure there is a Western way of doing business, but how is it done in the Middle East or in China? As I travel to different countries I’m mindful of how business is conducted, and getting to experience this has broadened my way of thinking and helps me to reflect on how I run my own company.


Opening up networking: attending networking events in my own city can at times be scary, but heading along to meet new people in a different land can be even worse! I’ve learned to embrace networking, and I actually enjoy going along to events now. Networking abroad is perfect for building my self-confidence, and as a result, I’ve met great people who have helped me in the development of my business.


Reducing anxiety: I was terribly anxious when I travelled abroad on the first few occasions. I feel like I’m an old hand now! I have a particular travel routine, encompassing my actions on a flight and when I check into my hotel. This helps me to feel calm and composed, and ready for what I need to achieve. Returning to places I’m familiar with also helps, but exploring new places is all part of the fun!   


New opportunities: without a doubt, travelling has enabled me to explore new opportunities both personally and professionally. I’ve met with contacts, made new clients and been introduced to individuals that can help as I grow my business. Without travel I wouldn’t have been exposed to these opportunities, and for that, it’s a vital part of my business.


Do you travel as part of your professional life? How has it changed your business? Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media!