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International Women’s Day: My Business Inspirations

Posted by Laura Dunn on Mar 9, 2015

international-womens-dayOn March 8th, individuals across the world marked International Women’s Day, an annual event that celebrates the successes of women and advocates for further development and progress.

I’m approaching my one-year business anniversary, and throughout my relatively new journey, I’ve looked to other successful business owners for inspiration and guidance.

I’m really inspired by Tory Burch, and how she built her womenswear business into a global success story. Burch’s brand is worth $1 billion, and her attitude to trying and testing out new concepts and ideas is one that is certainly appealing.

Another inspiring woman is Bobbi Brown. She started her beauty business with a small, core line of lipsticks, diversifying over time whilst staying true to her initial concept and vision. As a business that offers key services, I look to Brown’s ethos for inspiration in my own way of working. While my core services are ones that I am known for, it is good to offer something that also makes you stand out.

Closer to home I have several friends who own their own businesses and they inspire me every day. One left a stable job to follow her dreams, while another has worked with many big brands and prominent individuals.

I’m fortunate to work with and be inspired by individuals at many different stages of their businesses, and it is these people that help me to drive my own business forward, challenge my way of thinking and embrace new goals.

Who inspires you and your business? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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