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Joint Meetings with Sylvan’s Franchise Owners Association Foster Alignment

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Jul 30, 2014

Earlier this month, the board members of Sylvan's Franchise Owners Association (FOA) came to corporate headquarters for our joint quarterly leadership meeting. During the most recent meeting, we focused on the collaboration of key business initiatives. The FOA Board also received updates from Sylvan leadership about the roadmap for 2015 and beyond. The FOA Board and the Sylvan corporate team meet in person each quarter to ensure ongoing collaboration and have countless other calls to ensure follow through on initiatives.

Sylvan's FOA Board is a group formed of 10 franchisees who are voted representatives of the FOA membership; the process ensures geographic representation. The mission of the Sylvan FOA is to provide united leadership and effective communication in advocating for and protecting the interests of the Sylvan franchise community. The Sylvan FOA Board endeavors to uphold this mission by seeking input from their members, by fostering ongoing communication between corporate and franchisees, and by working with vendor partners that support Sylvan owners. From town halls, to lunch and learn sessions, to the FOA’s member conference, Sylvan's FOA Board is an invaluable resource within the overall franchise community.

Board members spent time with Sylvan’s leadership team discussing joint project initiatives and the upcoming Sylvan Annual Conference which will be held in Palm Springs, California in late September. The conference attracts nearly 90% of the franchise community, so it is a key touch point for the entire system. Board members and Sylvan leaders also divided into work groups to discuss key factors of successful day-to-day business operations at a Sylvan Center and worked on tools and tactics to drive enrollment and profitability. These ideas will be jointly presented at the Annual Conference.

During each meeting, we devote private time for members of the FOA Board  to meet with our CEO, Jeff Cohen, and Chief Growth Officer, Barbara Timm-Brock. This is an opportunity to hear from them personally about their perspective on the current business and the vision and key strategic opportunities for the next year and beyond. This is also a time when the board members can express concerns and/or ask questions on behalf of the franchise community. Sylvan's leadership is keenly attentive during these discussions - in fact many major business decisions have resulted from the collaboration at these meetings.

Sylvan is pleased to have such an engaged and committed group of FOA board members represent the franchisee community. Check back to our blog often as we will continue to post about the engagement between corporate leadership and the FOA.


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