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On the road: What to look for when traveling for business

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 30, 2015

Whether a short trip or a long haul flight, many of us travel for business. As a small business owner operating on both sides of the Atlantic, I travel a few times a year to meet with my clients and to attend networking events.


Traveling can take up a lot of time, removing you from the important day-to-day operations of running a business. With time a precious commodity, I use my time on the road to my best advantage, maximizing the time I have to be productive and keep a check on what needs to be achieved.


Here are my tips for saving time and stress whilst traveling for business.


A close base: traveling between one venue and another can easily eat up time. I always look for a hotel that is close to where I’ll be spending the majority of my trip, and located near to where meetings will be taking place. Cutting out unnecessary taxi rides is one way to save time and money- as well as experiencing my destination whilst walking to a meeting!


Easy travel links: a long ride to the airport can almost be unbearable. When traveling, I look for locations that have easy links to transportation and other travel destinations. I always try to use public transport if possible, with the Metro in Washington DC being one of the most reliable ways to get around.


Business tools: a fully operational business center is common amenity in many leading hotels and one that I take full advantage of during my stay. A free and reliable wi fi service is at the top of my ‘must have’ list. You’ll always need it!


Networking opportunities: perhaps you have a free evening or want to experience local culture. Look for free, and safe networking opportunities in the city, or ask your host what they’d recommend seeing. Broadening your horizons could lead to new leads!


What do you look for when traveling for work? Share your thoughts below.