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Resetting the Balance by Doing What You Love

Posted by Laura Dunn on Jul 29, 2014


I have a fairly busy and active life. I work for a politician, run a blog, and have just started my own business called LED Media. Many people ask how I manage to do it all and, truthfully, sometimes I often wonder how I fit so much into 24 hours.

As a female entrepreneur, I am finding myself spending more and more time in front of my computer working, and the balance is becoming increasingly tricky to manage. Frequently my lunch breaks are spent meeting with clients or at Starbucks tackling my inbox.

People I talk with often agree it’s just the reality of today’s business world and when you’re an entrepreneur with dozens of ideas buzzing through your head, you want them to be perfect — often at the expense of other important factors, like your work-life balance. That’s why I think it’s more important than ever to do what you love. Suddenly, noon meetings don’t feel like work (as much!) and receiving an inbox full of blog post comments or opportunities to pitch new clients create more excitement than stress.

Each of us has a different life, responsibilities and interests, and prioritizing what comes first is often a challenge in itself. With so many things going on at once, I admit I do find it hard to get the balance right. That’s why I not only make a point to do what I love, but also take the downtime I need to re-energize. A quick 30-minute session at the gym or a jog around the neighborhood with my friend more often than not provides me with the perspective I need to refocus and tackle my entrepreneurial endeavours.

Achieving a work-life balance takes on-going effort and I am continuing to push myself a little bit harder each day to make sure that I get away from my computer. So take some time to consider what you love doing — whether it’s education and children or, in my case, writing and social media — and take steps to reset the balance in your life by doing just that.

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