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Sales Tips for Franchise Owners

Posted by Laura Dunn on May 31, 2016

Sales are key to the success of a business, impacting upon every aspect and outcome of their life span.

Without sales, every aspect of your business will fail. And with new challenges emerging every day, it’s important for franchise owners to focus on the basics and get this right to have a stable sales process.

Which sales tips should you be following?


Targets: Set targets and KPIs for every step of the sales process. Which key products or services do you want to push in promotion? Which customers do you want to target and how will you reach them? How many units do you want to sell and by which deadline? Agree to a series of both short and long term goals to implement accordingly.

Employees: Ensure that your employees know their role in the sales process and set targets both individually and as a group. Instill the concept of upselling into the sales process, and have adequate monitoring in place to ensure that targets are being reached.

Expert: If you are not an expert in sales, then consider hiring an experienced professional who can help. Their expertise can help to provide insight into which techniques to use, who to target and promotional methods to maximize your sales process.

Competitors: Be savvy and investigate the sales techniques that your competitors are using. Where and when are they advertising, and what are they particularly pushing on their customers? Keep a regular check on their activity and looks for gaps where you could capitalize within their market.

Best leads: Get in touch with your best leads at the outset of any new sales process, focusing on the most valuable customer profiles and creating a solution which will push them to the top of the queue.

Inbound: Similarly, pay attention to any inbound leads and customers who have made the effort to reach out. They are interested for a reason!


Which sales tips have invigorated your franchise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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