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Social media you should be using

Posted by Laura Dunn on Jan 11, 2016

Social media is a key tool for all businesses, with platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn used by the majority of us to promote our products and services.


With so many networks out there, deciding which to use can often be an overwhelming task. Whilst a presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn should be standard, there are other networks that you should consider.


Whether you’re interested in experimenting with video or want to show your services through photos, here are some social media platforms that you should test out!


Instagram: whilst the photo-sharing app has been around for a few years, many businesses aren’t capitalizing on how effective it can be. I use Instagram to provide a behind the scenes look at my interests, activities and fun things I’ve come across, and many businesses take a similar approach. Devise a posting schedule before you hit send, and take time to experiment with the different filters available.


Blab: want to interact with your clients or fans in real-time? Experiment with Blab, an app which is similar to Periscope and enables you to watch, join and interact with live conversations. This is a great tool for networking and can be used to supplement your posts on networks like Twitter.


SlideShare: if you’ve spoken at a conference or delivered a presentation, SlideShare is a great platform to share your knowledge and expertise.

Fully integrated with LinkedIn, this is a professional way to present yourself as a thought leader.


Flickr: whilst Flickr is not a new network, it’s a solid platform for sharing professional imagery. Many organizations use it to share photos from events, and it’s an easy way to share images to be downloaded by employees, clients and reporters.


Which social media platforms will you be choosing to use? Share your thoughts in the comments.