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Sylvan Annual Conference - What a Success!

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Oct 24, 2014

What a week! From the hot California sun, to the insightful pre-conference sessions to the exciting new products and marketing solutions, and of course the celebration party - I think we can call the 2014 Sylvan Annual Conference a great success!

Here's a snapshot of some of the key moments from this year's conference:

Franchisees and center directors were invited to attend a variety of pre-conference workshops. These workshops included hands-on activities and tangible work plans that could be put into place in each Center immediately after conference. From email marketing, to analytics, to college prep and local websites, our community was busy learning the latest and greatest strategies to grow business.

John McAuliffe, Sylvan's CFO, kicked off general session with tons of laughs and 'subtle' financial puns to get the franchisee crowd warmed up for the more serious financial overview he presented later that morning. Julia Fitzgerald, Sylvan's CMO, kicked off her presentation with a dance party as she couldn't hold in the excitement of revealing Sylvan's new products and brand infrastructure to the entire franchisee community. Julia discussed the marketing successes garnered so far in 2014 and the exciting roadmap for 2015 and beyond. Jeff Cohen, Sylvan's CEO, engaged the audience with his version of Jeopardy, as he focused on Sylvan's strategies to grow business...and by doing so together as a community.  All three executives later presented the well-deserved awards to Franchisees and Center Directors. It was quite a morning for sure!

From marketing and new products, to analytics and inquiry management and of course, technology, our breakout sessions provided attendees with insights and strategies to help Centers maximize profit and expand business. Attendees also had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with representatives from all departments at corporate, as well as Sylvan's preferred vendors for all of their business needs.

To round out conference, attendees were able to mingle with others in the community and had fun catching up with old friends. We also got to laugh at each other's dance moves and celebrate the successes made in 2014 and the excitement of the future of Sylvan!

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