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Sylvan Community Heads to Palm Springs, CA

Posted by Ali Dougherty on Sep 26, 2014


Sylvan Annual Conference
Palm Springs, CA
September 29 - October 2

For the 2014 Sylvan Annual Conference we will gather as a community in the beautiful (and HOT!) Palm Springs in Southern California. Franchisees throughout the nation are invited to attend, and this year, we encouraged Center Directors to join the dynamic, energetic and highly productive four days focused on one thing - growing business.

This year, our conference is designed to provide information and strategies that will allow our franchisees to create an immediate impact on their business post-conference. From sales to marketing to tech resources, the sessions will cover an array of subjects intended to give franchisees and their teams action items that they will be able to put into place on Monday after conference. Conference is also the time when franchisees get to catch up with fellow franchisees and, in addition to discussing their summer vacations and family milestones, they also get perspectives on best practices and strategies that have worked to increase enrollments.

It's 'wheels up' for us at corporate as we are excited to see our franchise community! Check back with us as we will highlight some of the top moments from Conference 2014 on the blog!

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