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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Anthony DiGiacomo

Posted by Anthony DiGiacomo on Nov 3, 2014

Tutoring Operationsanthony

Meet Anthony DiGiacomo, who entered the tutoring industry upon graduating college. It didn't take him long to realize he wanted to make a career out of helping children succeed in life and school.

About Me
I grew up in Fair Lawn, N.J., and graduated from Montclair State University with a bachelor’s degree in English. After graduation, I knew I wanted to become a high school English teacher and the idea of working with students sounded like the ideal career opportunity. For a few years, I also worked in the tutoring industry, where I was able to gain further expertise in teaching and implementing educational programs.

I eventually became an Operations Manager in the tutoring field where I was responsible for flying to diverse parts of the country to offer additional assistance to learning centers in their efforts to help children. Wanting more of a hands-on experience, I started researching different career opportunities, which lead me to Sylvan. In 1999, at the age of 27, I signed on with the brand as the youngest franchisee in the entire Sylvan Learning Corporation. My wife Laurie, our great staff, and I have been helping students succeed in school ever since. Currently, we have our two children at Sylvan too. Our own family has grown since 1999 and so has our Sylvan family!

How I Heard About Sylvan
Being in education for such a long period of time, especially in the tutoring industry, I was always aware of Sylvan and what it had to offer.

Why I Chose Sylvan
Truthfully, when I had the opportunity to work with the leader in supplementary education, I was not going to pass it up. It was the perfect choice for me.

Community Involvement
We are always looking for more ways to reach out to the community. We sponsor local fundraisers and we donate educational services to various organizations for fundraising. We also contract with schools to offer programs in schools for those families who cannot get to our learning centers.

Challenges I've Faced to Get to Where I Am Now
The biggest challenge is making sure we stay current with changes in educational standards and standardized testing. We are constantly making sure that our programs are in alignment with local, state, and federal standards. We have also met the challenge of building programs that focus on the emphasis in STEM related programs and we are excited about bringing these programs to our students.

Development Plans With Sylvan
At this point, we hope that within the next year we will be rolling out more STEM programs that implement more lessons dealing with coding and robotics. We are also looking forward to revising our test prep program to meet the changes to the SAT that will be coming very soon.

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