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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Becky Taylor

Posted by Becky Taylor on Jul 15, 2014


Becky Taylor left her 10-year teaching career in the public school system to open numerous Sylvan centers throughout North Carolina.

About Me
Becky Taylor Sylvan LearningI grew up in Jacksonville, NC and was one of six children. I was the first in my family to receive a college degree. I graduated from East Carolina University with both a Bachelor's and Master's in Special Education. Since my grandmother and aunt were both teachers, I knew by the age of 14 that I wanted to study Special Education and couldn't wait to have my own classroom. 

My Career Path
I began my career as a Special Education teacher. After 10 years in the public school system, I left and became the first Educational/Vocational Director for a large Boys Club. At the same time, I began teaching part-time at the local University in the Department of Special Education. I supervised student teachers who were completing their practicum experience before graduating. Then, I had the opportunity to take on a position at the University as a Project Director. I managed special projects dealing with at-risk students. I wrote grants and received funding for many projects that addressed adolescent mothers and their children. Finally, I was approached about directing a Sylvan Learning that was just opening in my city. I was not immediately interested in the position, but after a few months of negotiating, I was offered an equal partnership in the business, so I invested, and have loved every day at Sylvan since that time. I bought out my partners and have grown my organization to as many as 10 locations over the years, which includes satellite centers. 

Why I Chose Sylvan
I loved the learning environment and the success that students were experiencing with the program.

Most Rewarding Aspect of Owning a Sylvan Franchise
Professionally, I have had the opportunity to continue learning about education and applying the best principles of learning with tens of thousands of students.  Personally, I have been able to set goals that have helped me grow as an individual. I have learned so much about myself and others, which has given me insight that is invaluable. I feel comfortable going into almost any situation because of the many experiences that Sylvan has afforded me over the years.  Financially, I have had the opportunity to be in charge of my destiny. I always knew that it takes hard work to be successful, but with Sylvan I have experienced how I can impact the financial gains with that hard work and dedication to a profession I love. 

Being My Own Boss
Sylvan is absolutely a way of life for me and has been that way for 27 years now.  I love being my own boss because I am a very hard worker and love being able to do what it takes to make things happen.  I am not sure I would receive the same gratification of working so much if it were for someone else. I am not sure I would have the luxury of implementing changes so quickly if I worked for someone else.  If something is not working, I want to make it work. I constantly want to make things better every single day and would not be satisfied with complacency that I observe in so many workplaces.

Emotionally Rewarding Career 
Changing how individuals see themselves is so heart-warming. I can't imagine how different it would be for some of our families if they had not attended Sylvan.  We help them experience what it is like to feel positive about themselves and about learning. We help them set goals for the future and let them know that we believe in them. We watch them grow into accomplished individuals and love when we not only hear how we have impacted their lives, but also see them in the community experiencing successes.

My Advice for Those Considering Owning a Sylvan
Having the support from a franchise organization is invaluable. The name brand is always an advantage, but sharing, mentoring, collaborating, and growing together as franchisees make a huge difference.

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