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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Kari & Ryan Weigel

Posted by Kari Wiegel on Sep 23, 2014

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Meet Kari and Ryan Weigel, who left their CPA jobs to join Kari's mom in owning a variety of Sylvan locations and expand the family business.

About Us
My husband Ryan and I, were both born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota. I attended the University of North Dakota where I studied accounting; Ryan and I are both CPAs. I learned of Sylvan at the age of 17 when my mother opened a center. In fact, my mom just retired from Sylvan this year. Ryan and I currently have two centers - one in Fargo and one in Bismarck. 

Why We Chose Sylvan
My mother taught in public elementary schools for 19 years. She had an extremely high passion for students, but had her differences with the education system at the time. She knew Sylvan would let her make a greater difference in children’s education. For me, I knew from the moment that I first started working with my mom that Sylvan was the place I wanted to be. I’ve always had a great passion for teaching and children, but it wasn’t until I went to help my mom that I knew that was what I wanted to pursue. I ended up working for her for a year and a half.

Challenges We Had To Overcome To Get To Where We Are Now
For me personally, switching to the education world after being brought up with a business mentality through college and working for Fortune 100 companies has been both challenging and rewarding. Maintaining a balance between family and the business can also be challenging. 

Expansion Plans With Sylvan
We’ve recently expanded our territory both north and west because of the oil booms. With the oil boom in North Dakota, we’ve seen a big surge in population with school enrollment growing from 300 to 750 kids. This has caused great opportunity for the state but has also led to challenges. We have some clients that drive about three or four hours to see us. We would like to open in Williston, which is an oil hub, Minot and Dickenson to start. We’re also looking in Mandan which is closer.

Our Hobbies
We love spending time with our kids and we love the outdoors. We have a lake cabin that we visit every year.

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