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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Lisa Yeung-Ng and Wing Ng

Posted by Wing Ng on Nov 11, 2014

Married couple, Lisa Yeung-Ng and Wing Ng, merged their education and finance backgrounds to acquire their first Sylvan center in the Port Washington-Great Neck, NY area.

About UsNg_Family
Lisa Yeung-Ng received her bachelor’s degree in speech pathology from Queens College and earned her master’s degree at New York University. Placing a high priority on education, Lisa continued her postgraduate work in bilingual extension at Columbia University.  Wing Ng obtained his bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University and his MBA from Fordham University in business management and finance. Directly after his undergraduate studies, Wing entered the work force at AIG and Neuberger Berman Accounting.

How We Heard About Sylvan?
When we were researching different educational-enrichment programs, we kept coming across Sylvan and we became more and more intrigued.

Why We Choose an Opportunity with Sylvan
Being parents ourselves, and after compiling our research about Sylvan Learning, we were able to see from a parent’s point of view what their services entail. We loved the idea of tracking a child’s progress and being able to do work outside the center, as well as the new technology that was associated with SylvanSync. 

Challenges We Conquered To Be Successful
Well there are always challenges that come with starting your own business. Sylvan has made this process as easy as a transition as possible. We would say the most difficult challenge was finding the ideal location that had the ideal demographics. However, with due diligence, we have learned that anything is possible.

Our End Goal With Sylvan
We would like to be successful with our first location, and then we would like to eventually open satellite locations, and in the near feature, obtain more territories.

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