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Sylvan Franchisee Spotlight - Paige Howell

Posted by Paige Howell on Jun 18, 2014

Paige Howell Sylvan Ponte VedraAbout Me
My name is Paige Howell. My family moved several times while I was growing up. Our last move was to Louisville, Kentucky, where I graduated high school and attended the University of Kentucky and then the University of Louisville to earn a Master's degree in Education. My husband and I moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1996 and have been raising our two boys here ever since. 

My Career Path
After relocating to Jacksonville, I had a hard time finding a teaching job that matched my expectations. I started looking at other opportunities and landed a job as a Director of Education at Sylvan Learning. I worked at Sylvan as a Director of Education and Center Director before leaving the workforce to be a stay at home mom. After being home for several years, I decided it was time to get back into the work world. My husband had always wanted to own his own business so we starting researching franchisee opportunities and we decided Sylvan was a great match as he had a business background and I had an education background. We have owned our center since 2006 as well as started a satellite location within our territory.

My Motivators
I would say my biggest motivator in life is to be a GREAT mom and to be there for my family. My goal is to help mold my children into respected and responsible adults.

Most Rewarding Aspect of Owning a Sylvan Franchise
It is the smiles on the faces of the students we serve that make my day. Knowing that you are making a difference in a student’s future is extremely rewarding. Hearing students share what they learned to their parents, having them bring in their first 'A,' seeing them get excited to read and not be reserved, seeing their confidence bloom and applauding parents who are no longer frustrated with their child's poor grades — is why I go to work every day.

Achieving Personal Goals by Owning a Sylvan
Becoming a franchisee has allowed me to grow in personal ways that I actually did not think possible. It has taken me out of my comfort zone to show me I can do more than I thought. But mostly it has met my goals of being the mom I wanted to be for my kids by being there when I need to be there; participate in field trips, attend class parties and sports events.

Everyday There are Success Stories
Just like all Sylvan franchisee’s I have many stand-out stories, but it is not the stand out stories that bring me to work every day. I am fortunate to witness success stories every day from the smile on a kids face that has finally mastered multiplication fluency, to the high fives given when a child gets his or her first A in a long time on a test, to hearing my little ones read a book to their mom for the first time and seeing the happiness on both mother and child’s face. It is these moments that I am so grateful to witness every day.

Emotionally Rewarding Career
I love knowing that through our work at Sylvan we are touching and changing children and families lives every day.

Excitement for the Technology Advancements at Sylvan
I love the opportunity to merge technology and education with SylvanSync. It really does put us on the cutting edge of supplemental education, but what I love most about SylvanSync is the adaptive learning platform that really does make learning personal.

My Advice for Those Considering Owning a Sylvan 
Go for it! It is hard work, but you will begin reaping the personal and emotional benefits the first day you open your door. You will be helping change the trajectory of a child and their future.

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