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Sylvan Learning updates franchisee license agreement

Posted by Sylvan Learning Corporate on Oct 28, 2016

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Sylvan Learning recently unveiled a new license agreement which aims to attract new franchisees and retain existing ones.

"We are sending a message that it’s a new day at Sylvan,” CEO John McAuliffe said. “We are building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring the love of learning, which speaks to franchisees, families and employees here at Sylvan.”

The new license agreement includes changes such as updating the fee model to one flat royalty payment and decreasing the center footprint requirement from 2,400 to 1,000 square feet. 

The company has also launched a series of coding, robotics, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs.

"Two-thirds of our system has adopted these programs and we are now the national leader in STEM programs,” McAuliffe said.

The ideal Sylvan franchisee is both passionate about education and has a background in business. And with more than 41 franchise development transactions this year, the business is expanding.

“We want someone who is connected to the community,” said director of franchise development Georgia Chasen. “Some franchisees are multi-generational owners where the kids are joining their parents and expanding into additional territories. We want people with a strong business background that see the value in education. They can make a good living and begin a legacy for their family.”

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