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Technology Essentials for Franchises and Their Owners

Posted by Laura Dunn on May 24, 2016

Small business owners are one of the beneficiaries of the growth of technology. With new apps and software launching every day, the possibilities for franchisees to capitalize on technology are endless.

Franchise owners are looking for technology that can save them time and money, particularly over a longer period of time. How can they maximize the possibilities of using the latest technology trends and products in their business?

These essentials may come in useful:


Point of sale: Think about how technology can improve your point of sale setup and make the process easier for both you and the customer. Try introducing smartphones to speed up the payment process, or use tablets to collect contact information from customers.

Consumer loyalty programs: What’s the best way to reward customers? Many franchise brands and businesses have apps or cards that encourage customers to repeat business in return for discount vouchers or free products and services. Consider investing in the development of an app for your franchise that provides up to date information about products and services, opening times and helps to manage a custom consumer loyalty program.

Cloud based tools: Capitalize on the power of cloud based tools using cloud software to securely store documents, photos and other important files and encourage all staff to work collaboratively. Programs like Google Drive and Dropbox are both great versions for businesses.

Data management and analysis: Get into the habit of managing your data and using what you collect to improve every section of your franchise. Use analytical data collected from social media to analyze how your platforms and their content is performing, as well as unique visits to track the demographics of your visitors to your website. Use this data to spot any gaps in your customer targeting, as well as which products/services and their respective pages are most popular.

Ordering: With the majority of customers ordering online, ensure that your website or landing page makes the online transaction process a seamless one. Regularly test your page to tease out any problems and invest both time and money to make sure that your online portal is an easy and fun destination for your customers to visit.


Which software and apps are vital for the running of franchise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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