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The different types of mentor

Posted by Laura Dunn on Nov 9, 2015

A mentor is an important part in any businessperson’s life. As advocates, they provide support, advice and expertise.


I’m fortunate to have several business mentors, and each I can approach to ask particular questions or for advice.


Many people ask me how they can get a mentor- it’s not as easy as choosing a pair of shoes! If you’re actively searching for a mentor then you’re unlikely to find one. Relationships like these become apparent over time, and can begin when you least expect it.


There are several types of mentors, and you may already have one in your life.


So what are the different types of mentors?


The Coach: this type of mentor listens to their mentee/s, and suggests new strategies and a different perspective on their problems. A mentor like this could be vital when starting your own business, especially when you navigate your business plan, your goals and importantly, the finance side!


The Connector: this mentor will be vital when you’re looking to network! They will help introduce you to new people, push you forward and invite you to business or networking events in your community. If you’re looking to expand your network then this is the mentor you really need.


The Teammate: much like a friend, a teammate mentor listens and gives support. Perhaps you need someone to talk to when you have a problem, or a sounding board to test a new idea? The teammate mentor would be a great tool for you and your business.


Do you have a mentor? How do they support you? Share your thoughts!