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The Power of Brand Trust to Franchise Owners

Posted by Susan Gunelius on Jun 1, 2016

What do you imagine when you think of your favorite brand? Most likely, you trust that brand to deliver on its promise to you in every experience you have with it. And because you trust the brand to meet your expectations, you choose it over others—even it if costs more or you have to travel further to get it.

That’s the power of a brand—unwavering trust built over time.

Developing brand trust isn’t easy but it’s essential for business growth. Consumers won’t trust a brand that they can’t depend on—just like humans won’t trust people they can’t depend on. And just as it takes time to trust another person, it takes time for people to trust brands.

4 Ways Brand Trust Gives Franchise Owners a Competitive Advantage

Franchise owners benefit from a significant investment that the franchisor has already made in building brand trust with consumers, and it provides an instant competitive advantage to them.

1. Brand Trust Increases Consumer Confidence

Consumers are more likely to buy from a franchise brand they trust over a brand they’ve never heard of before (or have heard much less about). They’ve already heard the commercials and other people’s experiences with the brand, and they know what to expect from the franchise brand.

Fear of the unknown is a strong emotion that directly affects consumers’ purchase decisions. They’re far more likely to buy from a brand they recognize than one they’re not as familiar with.

2. Brand Trust Boosts Sales

A franchise brand gives consumers an immediate comfort level that makes it much easier to turn prospective customers into buying customers. The job of the franchise owner is to ensure that the experience consumers have with the brand consistently meets their expectations for it based on all of the messages, information, and experiences they’ve had with the brand in the past.

Why? Because confusion is the number one brand killer, and inconsistency leads to brand confusion.

3. Brand Trust Leads to Repeat Purchases

When you can trust a brand to meet your expectations in every interaction, you become more loyal to it. Think about when you choose a restaurant to go to for dinner. Sometimes you like to try something new, but how many times do you go back to the brand you can trust?

The reason is simple. You trust the brand you know will give you a good meal. You believe the brand promise because you’ve experienced it yourself often enough to know that it’s extremely consistent. You’ve become loyal to that brand, and loyalty leads to repeat purchases. The same thing happens with a franchise owners’ brand!

4. Brand Trust Leads to Word of Mouth Marketing

When a consumer trusts a brand and believes its promise, they’ll talk about it with other people. Brand advocacy is the most powerful form of marketing and it’s free!

Think about the Sylvan Learning brand. How many times have you heard people talking about the brand and saying that they sent their child to Sylvan and had a great experience? Word of mouth marketing gives franchise owners another important competitive advantage.

The Takeaway

Building brand trust doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, money, and commitment to develop trust in a brand, but as a franchise owner, you benefit from built-in brand trust from day one!

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