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The right social media for your business

Posted by Laura Dunn on Oct 21, 2015

There’s no denying that social media is a vital part of modern business. From a small business owner to a franchisee, social media breaks down barriers and enables us to reach new customers and new markets.


With so many social media platforms it can be tempting to have a presence on every one. Whilst some platforms are essential to promote your business, others should be left behind.


Here are my recommendations for the right social media channels for your business.


Twitter: everyone is on Twitter, and in this instance, you should be too. I use Twitter to share updates on my work, promotions or news from my clients and interesting industry developments that are linked to my expertise and services. Twitter is also a great networking tool and I have made many connections and even friends through the site. Use Twitter to build awareness and update your followers with fun, timely news.


Facebook: whilst I primarily use Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family, having a business page is particularly useful. Many people use Facebook to search for reviews and a recent Facebook Boost event I attended highlighted just how powerful the site is for small businesses. A Facebook page is ideal for building brand loyalty, and I use it to update customers with developments and interesting industry news.


LinkedIn: this is the most professional site out there, and I use LinkedIn for networking, job opportunities and updating my professional profile. LinkedIn has been extremely useful in meeting new connections and many business and collaborative opportunities have been born thanks to this networking platform. Try expanding your network by joining groups and searching for influencers in your industry.


Instagram: the most creative of the social networks, Instagram is an ideal platform for sharing behind the scenes images and visually telling the story of your business. Whilst I don’t use this for my business, my personal account highlights my interests, places I visit and general fun things that I like to share with my followers. With the ability to integrate your posts into Facebook, this is a great way of targeting followers on both platforms.


FourSquare: my friend introduced me to FourSquare, and every time I visit a new place I head to my phone to check in! If you own premises make sure you are listed on FourSquare so customers and clients can check in when they visit. FourSquare is used by platforms like Instagram, so for geotagging purposes it’s important that you get yourself on the map!


Which social media platforms do you use in your business or franchise? Which is the most beneficial? Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media!